Express courier delivery in Almaty, Kazakhstan and around the world

Delivery in Kazakhstan

we deliver documents, parcels, cargo on the territory of Kazakhstan

Delivery in the CIS

we deliver documents, parcels, cargo to all CIS countries on time

International delivery

we deliver documents, parcels, cargo to 199 countries around the world

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Need fast delivery?

We know everything about how to deliver your cargo to the recipient quickly and on time!
We will tell you which departure route is optimal for you. We will take our responsibility for the safety of the cargo.
Курьер приносит упакованную посылку

What we can do for you

Сотрудник Expert Logistic
we will quickly place your order: in the office, by courier or on the website
Курьерская машина
we will deliver your documents or parcel all over the Kazakhstan and the world
Курьер приносит упакованную посылку
we will deliver the parcel by the addressee's door within the agreed time

How do we deliver?

We will select the best delivery way for you at the price and time
Самолеты для грузоперевозок
We deliver documents and small parcels quickly
Курьерская доставка поездом
We deliver heavy or bulky cargo
Фургон Expert Logistic
We deliver overall medium-heavy loads
Доставка посылок через море
We deliver a large amount of cargo to other countries

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Courier delivery service in Almaty - Expert logistic Kazakhstan

A measure of the effectiveness of any delivery service is the time of movement of a package or cargo from the point A to the point B. The Courier service “Expert logistic Kazakhstan” in Almaty is one of the most reliable companies. By entrusting your documents or cargo to us, you can be sure that the addressee will receive it in complete safety within the prescribed time. Like any courier service in Almaty, we have a staff of couriers ready to deliver a package or parcel around the city and beyond. If your package requires careful handling during transportation, then these and other conditions will be met during transportation. We carry out courier delivery in Almaty, cities of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and around the world. Having many years of experience in solving various tasks, we are constantly increasing the list of services provided and are optimistic about the future.

The express delivery service “Expert logistic Kazakhstan” provides a wide range of services: from package delivery in the city to the accompaniment of bulky cargo anywhere in the world. We work with both individuals and legal entities, maintaining a high standard of quality. We are focused on long-term cooperation with customers. We have the ability to deliver any cargo even to the most inaccessible points. Friendly staff will choose the most optimal route, offer a choice of several transportation methods, providing prices for each option.

What issues does our courier service solve?

 Время сегодня, пожалуй, наиболее ценный ресурс. У нас отработана надежная схема, способная задействовать различные виды транспорта: авиадоставка, поезда, морская доставка для стран дальнего зарубежья. Курьерская компания «Expert logistic Kazakhstan» располагает большим штатом курьеров и других специалистов, чтобы вы могли быть уверены в том, что важная посылка нашла своего адресата в установленный срок. Вы можете указать желаемую дату и время вручения посылки.

 Беремся за транспортировку самых необычных вещей, а также грузов, срок службы которых ограничен. Груз может доставляться напрямую курьером без промежуточных пунктов вроде центра сортировки посылок. Это позволяет довезти пакет в неизменном виде.  

Courier is the trademark of the delivery service. A lot depends on his appearance and ability to conduct a dialogue. “Expert logistic Kazakhstan” pays great attention to the

By handing the parcel to our employee, you will be able to see its location at any moment. The delivery address can be changed. This is relevant for online stores. Your client can transfer payment for the goods to the courier after fitting or testing the goods. If the customer does not plan to buy all the goods specified in the invoice, our couriers can make a refund.

We deliver the documentation. When the sender needs to sign it and/or stamp it, our courier can wait for the contractor and return the package to the point A. The cost of delivery in Almaty will pleasantly surprise you!

How does express delivery operate in Almaty?

  • We carry out the transportation of parcels to any point of the planet
  • We respect your time. We observe the delivery time
  • There is a service of delivery of a parcel on a certain day and time
  • You can call the courier “Expert logistic Kazakhstan” directly by arriving at our office, or by leaving a request on the website
  • We register a personal profile for each client
  • A convenient work schedule allows customers to leave packages and parcels at a later time, as well as arrange delivery in the early morning
  • Compliance with special conditions of cargo transportation
  • Customers and recipients can track the location of the parcel
  • The availability of our own vehicles and responsible couriers allows us to deliver any cargo without delay
  • Economy and express delivery in Kazakhstan, CIS and far abroad
  • Road, rail, air and sea transportation in all directions
  • The data about the delivery of the parcel is sent to e-mail, etc.
  • A convenient calculator for calculating the cost of the parcel
  • The delivery price is calculated individually, taking into account the weight, dimensions of the cargo and its destination
  • Courier services in Almaty with return to the sender (signing of documents)
  • We provide packaging for especially valuable and fragile enclosures of any size


Frequently Asked Questions

You can call the courier of “Expert Logistic Kazakhstan” by phone +7 (747) 575-40-00 or by filling out a form on the website. The client must specify his full name, company name, number of documents to be sent, sender and recipient addresses.

Yes, we deliver such products, but at the same time the Sender is obliged to pack such products correctly on his own. He is responsible for damage of the cargo during delivery due to its poor packaging. For an extra charge, we can provide additional packaging of the shipment.

The courier service does not deliver goods prohibited for transportation:

– materials, objects or parts thereof, the transportation of which is prohibited by the current rules of transportation or Russian legislation, in particular pressurized, toxic, explosive, combustible, non-corrosion resistant products and materials, as we

– animals;

– gold, silver, other precious metals and stones;

– money, stocks, bonds, unstamped postage stamps, traveler’s checks, other securities, insurance documentation and other valuable cargo;

– firearms and their parts, ammunition, fireworks, flares, cartridges;

– prohibited and psychotropic substances;

– objects with a penetrating odour or capable of somehow damaging other shipments;

– art objects: antique objects, paintings;

— materials that may be considered as pornographic or inconsistent with moral and political state values.

The sender must clearly reflect the Recipient’s contact information on the package:

– full name of the company;

– Full name of the Recipient or his representative;

– Street name, building number, office number (rooms, apartments);

– city phone numbers.

No, calling a courier is not included in the delivery price.

The speed of delivery is affected by the type of tariff and route. Detailed information you can obtain from the staff of our delivery service office “Expert Logistic Kazakhstan”.

The bulk weight of a shipment is a calculated value that reflects its density. As a rule, a load of lower density occupies a larger volume of space when compared with a load of higher density of the same mass. Taking into account the improved design and technology of the latest generation of aircrafts, the carrier organization should adapt the calculation of the volumetric weight to increase the efficiency of the use of the cargo space and eliminate volume overload. If the volume weight exceeds the physical weight, the shipping rate is calculated taking into account the volume weight determined by the formula:

(Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm)) / 5000 = volume weight of the cube in kilograms. (p * R2 * H) / 5000 = volume weight of the cylinder in kilograms. R is the radius in centimeters, p is a constant value of 3.14. For example, the volumetric weight of a box with dimensions of 48x36x52 cm is determined as follows: 40 * 40 * 60 = 96000 / 5000 = 19,2 kg.

You can get free standard packaging material from us – cardboard envelopes and plastic bags with the company’s logo. If the customer considers these materials unsuitable for packaging, the Sender can pack the cargo himself or entrust it to us, having agreed with us in advance.

To find out the cost of transporting a parcel, use the online tariff calculator on our website or call the company’s office at +7 (747) 575-40-00


“Expert logistic Kazakhstan” LLP
Courier service
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Subdivision of LLP "Expert Logistic Kazakhstan" in Astana
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