International express delivery of parcels around the world

Express delivery of shipments around the world – fast and reliable delivery via air service. Delivery of goods in 1-3* working days.  (* depending on the distance of the locality)

Table of international delivery tariffs from Almaty (in KZT)

WeightTariff area 1Tariff area 2Tariff area 3Tariff area 4Tariff area 5Tariff area 6Tariff area 7Tariff area 8
0,5 kg1463015600180402146023880263202876032160
1,0 kg1757020470248402682027790302403265042910
1,5 kg2398025340327603460036550409404387056160
2,0 kg2808028760346003607041580477705605065820
2,5 kg3335032160414404170046300565206678079020
3,0 kg3859036100433804482051180658007902089680
3,5 kg41520389905022053120556207506091140102960
4,0 kg467904289052140550806090084310102350112620
4,5 kg514804630058990609406534093070114050125750
5,0 kg5615049720609406288069700101380128180135480
5,5 kg5789053100677506872075060109430139860148140
6,0 kg6316057060697007261079450119380152060159420
6,5 kg6782060440770007848084820127200164260172080
7,0 kg7250063840784808220089280135540175960182280
7,5 kg7720067750857908676094060143280188140195000
8,0 kg7954070670871109054098460151560199800205200
8,5 kg84230733709359095940102960160800212000217860
9,0 kg88900775809601098940108180169140223200229040
9,5 kg9300081400102350104290112620177420235440241740
10,0 kg9775085300104800107220118020185690247090252000
+ 0,5 kg21002780324037004170463050805550

  1. In the case of shipment of cargo whose volumetric weight (overall weight) exceeds the physical, the volumetric weight is calculated. The calculation is carried out according to the formula: Length x Width x Height / 5000.
  2. Prices may increase in case of delivery to other localities not specified in the table.
  3. Information about delivery to other localities not marked in the table can be consulted by phone. проконсультироваться по телефону.
  4. Prices include taxes, duties, fees established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of departure, receipt and transit.

You can download the full list of settlements by areas in the section Documents item Tariffs

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