Express mail of Almaty

Speed is the cornerstone of the modern way of life. Perhaps that is why regular mail, the snail pace of which is already legendary, fades into the background and is gradually replaced by express mail, which can deliver shipments within even one day.

Express Mail is a fast door-to-door delivery of cargo.

Express mail of Almaty

The Expert logistic Kazakhstan company keeps up with the times: the express mail service in Almaty is one of the main directions of our activity. We work both within the country and around the world. Depending on the remoteness of the locality, we deliver goods in 1-3 working days. In Almaty, the parcel will “arrive” within 40 – 90 minutes. We cooperate with both individuals and legal entities.

We guarantee the integrity of the parcel during transportation. This is facilitated by durable and reliable packaging, as well as the presence of an extensive modern car fleet.

Express mail in Almaty delivers a wide variety of goods. In most cases, we are talking about personal and official documents. After all, you can’t trust valuable documentation with regular mail. So, for example, bank branches provide internal documentation to the central office, companies exchange information to conclude a contract, and the main management of the bank needs to deliver a executed credit or debit card to a customer from another city as soon as possible.

Almaty Express Mail also often delivers paper advertising. We are engaged in the organization of mailings and delivery of promotional samples of products.

Delivery of parcels by express mail to individuals is usually associated with goods from online stores. But we also transport any other cargo, including non-standard and dangerous: Medicines, household and computer equipment, auto parts, clothing, jewelry, liquids, industrial equipment – we deliver simply everything!

Prices for the Express mail service in Almaty

Weight in kgTariff area 1Tariff area 2Tariff area 3Tariff area 4Tariff area 5Tariff area 6
up to 0.3163018202470308037005050
0,5 234025903080370039505780
1,0 259030803320420043206360
1,5 283032003580456048006940
2,0 308033203830480054207490
2,5 320035803980505055608040
3,0 332037704260518064408520
3,5 346038904520556066609140
4,0 367040104680572071209650
4,5 3890432048005930752010300
5,0 4080450053006420790011000
5,5 4250480054806720826011620
6,0 4440517057407150863012370
6,5 4680556060007520900013120
7,0 5050593064807900962013920
7,5 5300618066508390998014640
8,0 55606420690087501031015170
8,5 58006660708091801048015730
9,0 61607100758096201085016380
9,5 641074007850101001122017140
10,0 665077008260104801171017880
+0.5 kg290350400480570810

Advantages of express mail from Expert logistic Kazakhstan

Delivery of parcels by express mail from Almaty performed by our logistics company is:

  • the strict compliance with the agreed delivery dates;
  • the experienced and friendly staff;
  • the convenient work schedule (you can leave the parcel even in the evening);
  • the ability to track the location of the parcel directly on our website;
  • the affordable prices;
  • the price list is publicly available (we do not have hidden fees or constantly changing tariffs);
  • the availability of a calculator for the cost of sending a parcel by express mail for approximate determination of the price of the service;
  • reliable cargo protection;
  • documentation confirmation of the service;
  • continuous improvement of the quality of express mail.

Choosing professionals now, you save yourself from unnecessary financial and time expenses in the future. Contact Expert logistic Kazakhstan – receive parcels as soon as possible! To order an express delivery service, leave a request on our website or visit our office.

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