Express delivery of documents in Kazakhstan

доставка документов

Expert Logistic Kazakhstan offers express delivery of documents in Almaty, other cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and around the world. Courier services can be used by both legal entities and entrepreneurs, as well as individuals.

What is the advantage of urgent delivery of documents?

In business, a significant role is assigned to document management. Despite the emergence of digital technologies, paper document management is still necessary to ensure the following processes:

  • Coordination of transactions and exchange of accounting documents between the main office and its divisions;
  • Distribution of advertising materials from the head office for their distribution in retail outlets;
  • Information and methodological support of retail outlets that start working on the basis of a franchise;
  • Coordination and presentation of project documentation related to project financing, informing investors.

The courier service of documents is just necessary for the prompt transportation of documents from one office or company to another. In comparison with sending papers by regular mail, fast delivery has the following advantages:

  • Short terms of service execution from one point to another;
  • Door-to-door delivery of documents. Sending and receiving an order via courier without having to visit the post office yourself;
  • Guarantees for ensuring the safety of cargo;
  • Convenient registration in the office, via courier or website;
  • The ability to choose a specific day and hour for the delivery of the order to the recipient.
международная доставка документов

How to use the services of express delivery of documents in Almaty?

Expert Logistic Kazakhstan uses the capabilities of its own courier service to transport documentation. Depending on the length of the route, delivery can be carried out using road or rail transport, air mail or sea transportation. It is possible to forward documents or a parcel with the company’s services to anywhere in Kazakhstan and anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in the delivery of documentation, then you can pre-calculate the cost of shipment directly on the company’s website. To organize this process, you can independently call the call center by phone: +7 (747) 375-40-00 or order a callback by entering your phone number. After completing the request, you only need to hand over the documents to the courier. At the same time, each shipment is assigned a tracking number. This allows you to monitor the movement of your shipment in real time.

If you plan to use fast delivery services on a regular basis, then you can arrange shipments and control their movement through your personal account. On the basis of the company, it is possible to deliver documents, especially valuable and fragile things with a guarantee of safety and responsible delivery to the recipient!

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