Economy delivery in Kazakhstan

Economy-delivery of numerous shipments across Kazakhstan – cargo delivery by means of railway and automobile communication between cities and settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This service will pleasantly surprise you with the cost of delivery.

Table of tariffs for Economy delivery of non-urgent goods from Almaty to the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Weight (kg)Area 1Area 2Area 3Area 4Area 5Area 6
up to 2 kg 2200 KZT2500 KZT 2900 KZT3500 KZT3800 KZT5000 KZT
up to 5 kg2600 KZT 3100 KZT3400 KZT 3800 KZT4200 KZT 6000 KZT 
up to 10 kg 3000 KZT3500 KZT4000 KZT4300 KZT4700 KZT 6700 KZT 
+1 kg220 KZT 250 KZT 340 тг400 KZT 450 KZT550 KZT
Delivery times in working days3-6 days3-6 days4-7 days 6-10 days6-12 days8-14 days

In the case of shipment of cargo whose volumetric weight (overall weight) exceeds the physical, the volumetric weight is calculated. The calculation is carried out according to the formula: Length x Width x Height / 5000.

Delivery is carried out door-to-door.

Information about delivery is sent in any convenient way (e-mail, phone, and other electronic applications).

The delivery time is from 2 to 10 working days.

For heavy and bulky cargo, the calculation is made individually, based on the characteristics of the cargo.

A discount system is provided for bulky and heavy loads.

You can download the full list of settlements by areas in the section Documents item Tariffs

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